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Title: River Parrett : consultation report : March 1997
Author: Environment Agency South West Region, North Wessex Area
Document Type: Monograph
This Local Environment Agency Plan Consultation Report gives you the opportunity to comment on environmental problems or the work of the Agency, it: describes some of the key environmental characteristics of the area; explains how the environment is affected by human uses or pressures; outlines issues where the Environment Agency or others need to take action to address problems in the environment and consults on options for those actions. The Consultation Report includes the following key sections: Catchment Characteristics (Section 3) This chapter provides a brief and general introduction to the catchment area. Issues List (Section 4) This is a summary. Details are in Section 7. Protection through Partnership (Section 5) This section explores some of the areas for actual and potential partnership ventures. Uses, Activities, Pressures (Section 6) We place ever more demands on the environment but expect it to be protected from harm. This section looks at the main uses of the area and the pressures that we put on the environment. Targets, State of the Environment and Issues (Section 7) In this section we look at different aspects of environmental media such as air, water and land and consider what standards are available to allow us to assess the state of the environment within and between these media. Shortfalls and .other- environme ntal-problems -are described as"Issues^ and Options for their resolution are proposed for consultation. This Plan was largely written before the Environment Agency National Guidance was published. As such it is a hybrid document i.e. part way between an NRA Catchment Management Plan and a Local Environment Agency Plan to the new guidance. The sections on Air Quality and Waste will be expanded when the area is re-visited to produce a combined LEAP for the Parrett and Tone in November 1999. The River Parrett Catchment covers an area of approximately 1251 km2 and has its source near Cheddington to the south of Crewkeme. From its origin to Stert Point, Bridgwater where it enters the Severn Estuary it is about 59 km long and falls 160 m to sea level. The River Parrett flows north, passing Martock, and is joined by the River Isle and River Yeo to the south of Langport becoming tidal at Oath Sluice. The Parrett has an exceptionally long tidal reach. Much of the surrounding land is below high spring tide level. The flood tide carries large quantities of silt up the tidal reaches from the Severn Estuary which causes major problems for channel management and wildlife.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1997
Publication Place: Bridgwater
Subject Keywords: RiversLocal action plans (EA)Consultation
Geographic Keywords: EA South WestSomersetParrettSouth and West Somerset catchment
Extent: 206
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