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Title: Severn Uplands LEAP : consultation report : December 1998
Author: Environment Agency Midlands Region Upper Severn Area
Document Type: Monograph
This Consultation Report is about the Severn Uplands area. It is divided in two parts. Part 1 is the Severn Uplands Draft LEAP, and Part 2 is the Supporting Information. The part 1 of the Consultation Report is the Environment Agency's draft LEAP for the area. It provides an introduction to the work and responsibilities of the Agency and the LEAP process. It then gives a brief introduction to the LEAP area, and details specific environmental issues in the area and options to resolve them. Part 1 contains four sections. Section 1: Introduction; Section 2: "The LEAP area"; Section 3: "Issues and proposed actions"; and Section 4: "A better environment Through partnership". "Section 1" gives an introduction to the Environment Agency and describes the Local Environment Agency Planning process and the purpose of this draft LEAP. A short introduction to sustainable development and biodiversity is also given. "Section 2" provides a brief/general description of the locality and describes the natural features and resources of the area. These are considered under the headings of land, air, water, wildlife, heritage and recreation. "Section 4" highlights the need to work together, if we are to make any lasting environmental improvements to the Severn Uplands area. As all aspects of the environment interrelate we must seek to manage the environment as a whole. This can be achieved through partnerships. The Part 2 of the Consultation Report provides the background information to support the draft LEAP. It focuses on the uses, activities, pressures and environmental resources of the area in relation to the work of the Agency. this section provides the background information to support the draft LEAP. It outlines the uses and activities in the area which exert pressure on the environment, and provides information on the state o f the local environment. A general description of the nature of the Agency's responsibilities is given in each section, with aims and objectives from the relevant Functional Action Plans where appropriate, followed by the local perspective.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1998
Publication Place: Shrewsbury
Subject Keywords: RiversLocal action plans (EA)Consultation
Geographic Keywords: Severn Uplands catchment
Extent: 170
Total file downloads: 271

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