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Title: National marine baseline survey 1995 : littoral cell 1 : St Abb's Head to Flamborough Head
Author: Environment Agency - National Centre for Environmental Data and Surveillance
Document Type: Monograph
This littoral cell extends from St Abbs Head to Flamborough Head "on the North East coast of England. Water quality in this region varies in two key ways. Firstly a clear along coast variation is seen between rural and industrial regions, the industrial regions generally being associated with major estuarine locations, such as the Tyne and Tees. Secondly, the region is characterised by a coastal flow of sediment laden water, which results in a distinct variation in water quality perpendicular to the coastline. The opacity of this high sediment loading means that the majority of outfalls are not visible. Highest concentrations of dissolved metals and nutrients are found in association with estuarine locations, such as the Tweed, Tyne and Tees. The Winter sample from Berwick exceeds the Environmental Quality Standard (EQS) of 5 micron g/l for dissolved copper. The Tees sampling sites have concentrations of Chlorophyll-a in excess of 10 micron.g/l in Summer with associated elevated levels of ammonia, which suggests that this region may be subject to eutrophication.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Bath
Subject Keywords: Coastal watersMarine environmentWater qualityOceanographic geographical featuresChemical compositionChlorophyllsNutrientsMetalsOrganic compoundsTrophic levelsEutrophicationSuspended solids
Geographic Keywords: CoastEnglandEA Yorkshire and North EastNorthumberlandNorth YorkshireDurham (county)Tyne (North East England)Tees (North England)Wear (North East England)
Extent: n.p. [28]
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