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Title: Assessment of river Phosphorus and Nitrogen from macroinvertebrate data using artificial intelligence techniques : technical report
Author: W.J. Walley
Author: D.J. Trigg
Author: R.W. Martin
Author: J. Nikhade
Author: M.A. O’Connor
Author: M. Paisley
Document Type: Monograph
This Technical Report is the outcome of a three-month preliminary study into the predictability of river phosphorus and total oxidised nitrogen from macro invertebrate data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. The project was a logical extension of the work carried out by the Centre for Intelligent Environmental Systems (CIES) in National RanD Project E1-056 which developed two Al-based systems for the diagnosis and prediction of river quality from biological and environmental data (Walley et a i, 2002). It was not within the scope of this very small project to set it in the context of existing knowledge and understanding of the relationships between nutrients and invertebrates. Its overall aim was to determine whether analyses of large national databases using AI techniques could shed further light on the relationships. The specific aims were defined by a series of questions that had been drawn up by the client, the Environment Agency.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2002
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: RiversPhosphorusNitrogenAssessmentComputer scienceMacroinvertebratesWater qualityMethodology
Extent: 39; + appendices
Total file downloads: 327

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