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Title: Nutrient levels and statutory quality objectives for estuaries and coastal waters (Note 70)
Author: Y.J. Rees
Author: S.C. Nixon
Author: W. Parr
Author: P. van Dijk
Document Type: Monograph
This document reports the initial research undertaken to develop a classification scheme for nutrients based on observed levels of total inorganic nitrogen and soluble reactive phosphorus in the coastal waters and estuaries of the UK. Since the completion of this research in March 1992, complimentary work has been undertaken to assess the options for classifying tidal waters on their trophic status (NRA R and D Note 248, project 0423). Both the proposed nutrient classification and the options for trophic status classification are being further considered and developed for possible inclusion and implementation in the NRAs proposed General Quality Assessment (GQA) schemes for estuaries and coastal waters (NRA Project 0469).
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1994
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: EstuariesCoastal watersTotal inorganic nitrogenPhosphorusTrophic levelsWater levels
Extent: 48; + appendices
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