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Title: Field validation of algal toxin test kit : progress report for period February 1992 - April 1992
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
The overall project objective is to validate for the NRA the development and performance of the field test kit for microcystin-LR (MC-LR) developed by Biocode, and develop field procedures for its use by NRA staff. The specific objectives to be carried out in the present reporting period were as follows: Purify further batches of MC-LR and supply Biocode Ltd for the production and screening of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs); Develop methods for cyanobacterial cell lysis in water; Liaise with and provide technical advice to Biocode Ltd; Inspect and assess work undertaken by Biocode Ltd.; Purify cyanobacterial peptide toxins related to MC-LR (other mycrocystins and nodularin) for Biocode to test against the Biocode MC-LR antibodies for cross-reactivity and sensitivity (toxins to be named when supplied).
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: ExperimentationAlgaeResearch projectsIdentificationAntibodies
Taxonomic Keywords: Cyanobacteria
Extent: 18
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