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Title: A report on the 1993 strategic stock assessment survey of the Eamont catchment with particular reference to salmonid fish
Author: Amanda Cruddas
Author: Jane Atkins
Document Type: Monograph
Thirty seven sites in the Eamont catchment were electro-fished in 1993 to assess juvenile salmon and trout (salmonid) populations. The survey was targeted at fish normally less than 2 years old by selecting sites with a shallow riffle pool structure. The deeper (>lm) waters associated with larger trout were not surveyed so it is essential to interpret the results for older brown trout with caution. The densities found of each age class of salmon and trout are presented on maps as abundance classes. Total Salmonid Density Classes are also presented. Salmonid fish were found at all sites. Eels were present at three quarters of the sites surveyed. Stoneloach, minnow and bullhead were present at many sites often in large numbers. Sticklebacks were only present at 6 sites. Lamprey, pike, perch and dace were not found in the survey and in general were not expected given the nature of the areas surveyed.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Carlisle
Subject Keywords: RiversStock assessmentFishery surveysElectrofishingFreshwater fishes
Geographic Keywords: EamontCumbria
Extent: 25; + figures
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