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Title: Contemporary and holocene sediment dynamics of the Walton Backwaters North East Essex : preliminary report and review of progress
Author: P.A. Rampling
Document Type: Monograph
The Walton Backwaters is a shallow mesotidal embayment on the north-east Essex coast consisting predominantly of saltmarsh and intertidal mudflats. It is currently the subject of much interest due to an apparent long-term breakdown and erosion of the saltmarsh. This preliminary report introduces the site and describes the aim of the present investigation, reviews relevant literature, looks briefly at data collected during the course of the year, and outlines a proposed course of study for the next two years. The predominant finding so far is a large tidal asymmetry: ebb velocities appear to be of far greater magnitude than the flood suggesting a net ebb sediment transport. Saltmarsh monitoring transects have been established over a limited area to assess the rate of change but results. show, no significant trends so far. In the light of preliminary results on sediment transport, the intentions for the next year are firstly, to verify the sediment transport regime, and secondly, to expand the study of the spatial and temporal patterns of sedimentation in the system through the Holocene, and identify the major controls on these patterns.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1993
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: Literature studyCoastal watersCoastal managementNature conservationSediments
Geographic Keywords: Essex
Extent: 33
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