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Title: Inferences on the pollution status of the Thames estuary from the macrobenthic community structure : National Rivers Authority Thames Region, Biology, Thames Estuary Benthic Programme
Author: M. Attrill
Document Type: Monograph
The macro fauna community structure at 28 sites in the Thames Estuary was investigated in order to draw inferences on the pollution status of each site. Species number, diversity, evenness, biomass and abundance relationships and indicator organisms were used to assess the pollution status of each site. The analysis suggested that the most polluted sites were in the reach from Woolwich to Purfleet, particularly at Beckton and Crossness where the outfalls from the two main sewage works discharge into the estuary. In addition, the communities at Kew, Southend intertidal and Allhallows were pinpointed as being influenced by organic enrichment. The least polluted sites in the Thames estuary appear to be the outer estuary subtidal sites and Teddington under full flow conditions. The detrimental effect of low flows on the community structure at Teddington was apparent. Full summaries of the inferred pollution status of each site are provided. The use of indicator organisms was appraised. It was suggested that the NRA proposed species should be used with great caution until full research on each species has evaluated their relationship with both the variable estuarine environment and pollution influences.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1990
Publication Place: Cardiff
Subject Keywords: PollutionSewageEstuariesIndicator organismsBiodiversity
Geographic Keywords: Thames EstuaryThames (tidal) catchment
Extent: 24; + appendices
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