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Title: The control of phosphorus in the catchment of the rivers Ant and Bure : interim report for period January - December 1992
Author: Alison Chivers
Document Type: Monograph
Phosphorus removal at the major sewage treatment works discharging to the rivers Ant and Bure has continued dunng 1992. This has lead to a decrease in the total phosphorus load discharged from the sewage treatment works on the river Bure. RAF Coltishall, in particular, has shown a marked improvement in the performance of the phosphorus removal process. At both Horning and Stalham sewage treatment works, which discharge to the river Ant, the total phosphorus load has increased slightly. This increase is associated with a rise in particulate phosphorus load. South Repps was the only sewage treatment works discharging to the river Ant to show a sustained decrease in total phosphorus load. In 1992, the research programme was extended to include an assessment of the effects of ferric sulphate dosing on the rivers Ant and Bure. Measurements were made of the concentration of sulphate in the final effluent and at key sites along the river Ant. A sulphate budget, constructed for the Ant, showed that the load discharged from Stalham sewage treatment works represented 2.8 per cent of the river load. In addition, a survey was carried out to investigate the total iron content of the river sediments in the vicinity of the sewage treatment works outfall pipes. Measurements of total iron concentration were made on sediment taken from up and down river of three sewage treatment works which discharge to the rivers Ant and Bure. Significant increases in total iron concentration were found at both Aylsham, on the river Bure, and Stalham, on the river Ant.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1994
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: PhosphorusWater pollutionSewage treatmentRivers
Geographic Keywords: Ant (Norfolk)Bure (Norfolk)NorfolkBroadland Rivers catchment
Extent: 121
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