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Title: Application of Artificial Intelligence in River Quality Surveys
Author: J Walley W
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_277, Representation ID: 49, Object ID: 1623
This Project Record provides a detailed account of work carried out on National R and D Project El/i621 aApplications of Artificial Intelligence in ,River Quality Surveysa, that was not reported in either Technical Report E12.aDistribution of Macroinvertebrates in English anda. Welsh Rivers based.on the 1995 Surveya or Technical Report E52 aApplications of Artificial Intelligence- for the Biological Surveillance of River Qualitya. It mainly covers details of the data validation aspect of the project, but also includes a complete summary of events and dates (Section 1). The data validation component of the project was more substantial than originally envisaged. This was because the initial intention of basing the study on the 1990-94 Survey databases was abandoned when the 1995 aSurvey databases became. available. Thus many of the initial analyses, which were primarily: concerned with the. validation of the 1990 databases, were repeated later for the 1995 data. Section 2 and ,Appendix A cover with all aspects of the validation of the 1990-94 biological. and chemical databases, including summaries of the various analyses, brief details of matched biological and chemical sites and an outline. of the .problems encountered due to the- lack of consistency between regional chemical databases. Section 3 describes the various analyses that were- carried for the validation of the 1995 databases; and includes details of how the abundance data from two retions, Midlands (Lower Severn Area) and North West, were manipulated to bring them in line with the national scale for abundance data. Appendix B gives details of errors found in the biological data, plus the agreed list of taxa and details, ,of the regional distribution of validated biological sites. Appendix C gives the site reference number, ,location and name.of all validated biological sites that were included in the project database. It also indicates which of the sites had matched chemical sites. Appendix D lists all biological sites that were rejected during the validation process due to errors or inconsistencies in their data fields. The reasons for rejection are also given. This document-.will be of interest to users and managers of the Agencyas databases, It will, be of particular value to anyone seeking to redesign or improve the databases. Keywords: River Surveys, England, Wales, data validation, biological database, chemical database, errors, bio-monitoring. R and D Project Record El/i621/6 ... 111 1.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Water monitoring; Biological monitoring; Technology; Arfificial intelligence; Surveys; Data acquisition
Extent: 143
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