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Title: The Impact Of Discarded Fishing Line And Tackle On Mute Swans - Phase 1
Author: Chris Perrins
Author: Peter Martin
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_480, Representation ID: 155, Object ID: 1819
1 .a This report presents findings from a preliminary scoping study to establish the extent of-the problem of tackle-related injuries to mute swans. Data fi0rn.a number of swan rescue groups collected in .I996 were used for analysis. 2 Other sources of information have been used to determine changes in the mute swan population and the incidence of lead poisoning. 3 There,are significant un~ertamties and assumptions in-interpreting Nevertheless, some broad conclusions can be made: the available data. l 0 the restriction on, lead fishing.weightsimposed through byelaws in 1987 has significantly reduced the frequency of lead mute swans nationally - however,- there are still some.local incidences of lead poisoning which are being. investigated further; 0 data on swan rescues have been very difficult to analyse in a.consistent fashion .a because individualswan rescue groups recorded incidents-indifferent ways;. 0 tackle-related injuries are the biggest single cause of swan rescues; . the biggest proportion of angling-related rescues occur between July and September; coincident with both the school-holidays and a surge in swan numbers due to the appearance-of young inexperienced cygnets; 0 the survival rate of rescued swans-is very high, underlining swan rescue,groups; l nationally, it is estimated that there are at least 2000 tackle-related swan rescues per year - the estimated cost to the voluntary swan rescue groups, excluding: labour is fll34k; l 4 the mute swan population nationally has increased significantly since 1978;. experimental voluntary segregation of anglers and swan-feeding areas has been shown to be effective in reducing tackle-related injuries. the effectiveness of As a result of this project, a standard.recording form has been :developed for more consistent recording of swan rescues. In addition, a computerised database of swan rescue incidents has now been established. R and D.Technical Report W200 1
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Mute swan; Fishing line
Extent: 22
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