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Title: The Distribution of Phytoplankton and Nutrients in the North East Irish Sea During 1998
Author: K Kennington
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_720, Representation ID: 243, Object ID: 2048
The objectives of the program have been to monitor the distribution of phytoplankton and nutrient salts in the eastern Irish Sea throughout the seasonal productivity cycle. This data has then been used to try and identify areas tha risk from the adverse effects of nutrient discharges from sewage, industrial and riverine sources. Winter concentrations of Dissolved Available Inorganic Nitrogen (DAIN) and Dissolved Available Inorganic Phosphorus (DAIP) exceeded the recommendations of the Comprehensive Studies Task Team (CSTT 1997) along stretches of the Cumbrian, Lancashire and North Wales coastlines during 1998. These waters are classified as hypernutrified under these guidelines and suggest the possibility of future eutrophication related problems. These findings are further supported by analysis of winter N:Si ratios. The winter N:S is indicative of waters subject to future eutrophication. Results from the Cumbria coast survey show a region to the south of the Ravenglass estuary to have N:Si ratios greater than 2. The influences of the Solway, Ravenglass, Duddon, Mersey and Dee freshwater systems on the distribution of nitrogenous and phosphorus compounds is evident. Evidence of nuisance and potentially toxic algal groups were reported during 1998.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: PhytoplanktonEutrophicationNutrientsCoastal watersEstuariesWater pollutionWater qualityEnvironmental protectionSurveysSewage treatmentAlgal bloomsNitrogenPhosphorusBrackishwater environment
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