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Title: Development of a Decision Support system for a risk-based approach to catchment, estuary and coastal flood management planning (MDSF2). Part 1: Inception Stage
Author: D. Ramsbottom
Author: P. Sayers
Author: J. Wicks
Author: Bristol Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_829, Representation ID: 270, Object ID: 2141
The Modelling and Decision Support Framework (MDSF) was originally developed in 2001 to provide a tool for quantifying economic and social impacts of flooding at catchment scale for present day conditions, future scenarios and with flood management options. Methods for assessing flood risk which take account of the performance of flood defences have been developed using the RASP (Risk Assessment for Strategic Planning) approaches. It has been decided to include these methods in the MDSF in order to provide a tool for risk-based flood management planning. The new version of the MDSF is currently called MDSF2. This document describes the work needed to implement MDSF2. In addition to including the RASP approaches, the software will be afuture-proofeda as far as practicable by reducing dependence on any specific software. The original MDSF was developed based on ArcView Version 3.2 as this was the Environment Agencyas standard GIS software at the time. ArcView 3.2 has now been superseded by ARC GIS. The opportunity has also been taken to include other functionality in MDSF2, and an extensive consultation exercise was undertaken to determine the preferences of stakeholders. In addition to the items referred to above, MDSF2 will include some enhancements to the social impact tools and data handling. If additional funds become available, further enhancements were identified including improvements to the economic damage calculation. The work to be included in Part 2 of the project (the Implementation Phase) is outlined together with costs and a programme for implementation. R and D OUTPUTS: MDSF2 INCEPTION REPORT - iii - CONTENTS SUMMARY iii 1. Introduction 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Objectives 1 1.3 Phasing of the Project 3 1.4 Objectives of the Inception Phase 3 1.5 Context 4 1.6 Policy and Process 6 1.7 Outline of this report 6 2. Flood Risk Management Planning 8 2.1 General philosophy 8 2.2 A tiered set of FRM planning tools 11 2.3 A common analysis approach supporting all planning tools 14 2.4 Development of MDSF2 a Technical issues 16 3. Consultation 26 3.1 MDSF Peer Review outcomes 26 3.2 Stakeholder consultation 27 4. Technical issues 29 4.1 Requirements for RASP implementation 29 4.2 GIS platform 29 4.3 Approach to modular software and flexibility 30 4.4 Other functionality 31 4.5 Access for Agency and Local Authority users 31 4.6 Associated Issues 32 5. Options, priorities and costs 33 5.1 Options for functionality to be included in MDSF2 33 5.2 Essential options and user priorities 33 5.3 Costs of development and dissemination options 37 5.4 Recommended work for Part 2 39 6. Plan for Part 2 41 R and D OUTPUTS: MDSF2 INCEPTION REPORT - iv - Tables Table 5.1 Main development options for MDSF2 34 Table 5.2 Cost summary 37 Table 5.3 Recommended work for Part 2 39 Figures Figure 2.1 Source / Pathway or Barrier / Receptor model for flood and coastal defence (FD2302, HR Wallingford, 2002) 8 Figure 2.2 Integrated planning decisions supporting Flood Risk Management 9 Figure 2.3 Tiered risk assessment and management planning 11 Figure 2.4 IT tools developed or under development to support the tiered concept of planning illustrated in Figure 2.2 12 Figure 2.5 Systems-based view supported by the RASP approaches 15 Figure 2.6 Generic process of analysis common to all tiers of the RASP hierarchy (HR Wallingford, 2004) 16 Figure 2.7 Outline of approach to integrating RASP analysis methods 17 Figure 2.8 Fragility curves implied in MDSF and used in RASP 19 Figure 2.9 Modes of flooding in existing MDSF (using in-built method) and RASP 22 Implementation Programme 42 Figure 6.1 Appendices Appendix A Workshop on 19 February 2005: List of participants 43 Appendix B Workshop on 19 February 2005: Responses to questions 45 Appendix C Associated R and D Projects 51 Appendix D Requirements Specification (Version: 8 April 2005) 53 Appendix E Questionnaire responses 61 Appendix F Costs for MDSF2 63 R and D OUTPUTS: MDSF2 INCEPTION REPORT -v- 1.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Flood defence; Risk-based decision support system; Rasp (risk assessment for strategic planning); Modelling
Extent: 70
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