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Title: Investigation into the effect of sewage disinfection on the bioaccumulation of chloroform, bromoform, dibromochloromethane and dichlorobromomethane by fucoid seaweeds
Author: Environment Agency South West Region
Document Type: Monograph
Spatial and temporal patterns in the bioaccumulation of trihalomethanes (THMs) were investigated in relation to the disinfection of four sewage effluents along the North Wessex coast (Minehead, Bumham-on-Sea, Weston-Super-Mare and Kingston Seymour). Seaweeds (Fucus vesiculosus or Fucus serratus ) were collected four times during 1994 in April, June, September and November (before, during and after the disinfection period). Tissues were analysed for chloroform, bromoform, dibromochloromethane arid dichlorobromomethane. Increases in levels of chloroform and bromoform during June and September at Burnham Slip and sites adjacent to the West Huntspill outfall were believed to be related to the disinfection process. The highest levels of chloroform were recorded from Bumham Slip. The possible combined impact of disinfected effluent from West Huntspill and Chiltem Trinity S.T.W.s is discussed. The discharge from Minehead appeared to have only a limited impact on local beaches. High levels of bromofonn at Porlock are discussed in relation to the disinfection scheme. No clear relationship was seen at Weston-Super-Mare in 1994, but previous studies did suggest a connection between the disinfection at Black Rock and the distribution of THMs within seaweeds collected from Weston Bay. Past data is discussed. No relationship could be demonstrated between the levels of THMs accumulated in seaweeds and the disinfection process at Kingston Seymour. There appeared to be no clear relationship between the disinfection process and the levels of dibromochloromethane recorded from seaweed tissues during this study. Detectable levels of dichlorobromomethane were not observed. Seaweed from a number of sites were found to contain THMs outside the disinfection period. Possible reasons for this are discussed.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Exeter
Subject Keywords: BioaccumulationSeaweedCoastsSewageMethaneChloroformDisinfection
Geographic Keywords: MineheadBurnham-on-SeaWeston-super-MareSevern Estuary
Extent: 9; + appendices
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