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Title: Hampshire Avon catchment abstraction management strategy : July 2005
Author: Environment Agency South West Region
Document Type: Monograph
Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS) are strategies for management of water resources at a local level. They make more information on water resources and licensing practice publicly available and allow the balance between the needs of abstractors, other water users and the aquatic environment to be considered in consultation with the local community and interested parties. CAMS are also the mechanism for managing timelimited licences by determining whether they should be renewed and, if so, on what terms. Managing Water Abstraction: The Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy Process is the national document that supports the development of CAMS at a local level. It sets out the national policy and the regulatory framework within which CAMS operate, describes the process of developing CAMS and provides information on the structure and content of CAMS documents.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2005
Publication Place: Exeter
Subject Keywords: Catchment Abstraction Management StrategiesCatchment managementHydrogeologyEnvironmental planningWater abstractionWater abstraction licensesRiversNature conservationLand use
Geographic Keywords: Avon (Hampshire)Hampshire Avon catchmentHampshireWylye
Extent: 59
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