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Regional Water Authorities

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The Regional Water Authorities came into existence in England and Wales in 1975 to bring together in ten regional units a diverse range of bodies involved in water treatment and supply, sewage disposal, land drainage, river pollution and fisheries. Up to that time River authorities, organised on river catchment basis, had been responsible for surface water quality, river pollution control,fisheries management,water resource management, land drainage, and flood prevention ; Sewerage boards had been largely responsible for sewage collection and disposal in areas defined by Local authority boundaries and water supply had been managed by quasi regional water boards. (Wikipedia)

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Broader TermsNarrower TermsRelated Terms
Water authorities
Anglian Water Authority
North West Water Authority
Northumbrian Water Authority
Severn Trent Water Authority
South West Water Authority
Southern Water Authority
Thames Water Authority
Welsh National Water Development Authority
Wessex Water Authority
Yorkshire Water Authority
Environment Agency

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