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Donations to FBA Collections

The Data and Information Services of the Freshwater Biological Association welcomes gifts, in the form of books, reprints, unpublished material, data and specimens, which strengthen the Library's holdings and support the FBA's aims of promoting freshwater science.

Because of pressures of space and resources, material can be accepted only if it does not duplicate items in stock (unless further copies are needed). Periodicals are accepted if they fill gaps in the current holdings.

All donations are acknowledged in FBA Annual Reports. Items and/or catalogue records can be labelled to identify them as gifts. Only in exceptional circumstances can a donation be maintained as a separate collection.

An assessment of the collection will be made by the Librarian, Director, specialists and professional book dealers as necessary.

Donations become the property of the Freshwater Biological Association. Books not retained will be sold to fund new purchases or offered to charity.

It is helpful if donations of books, reprints and unpublished material are accompanied by title listings and for large donations to be accompanied by the financial resources for processing, storage, cataloguing and conservation.

To offer a donation to the Library, please contact Isabelle Charmantier who, wherever possible, will give every assistance in appraising the collection and arranging for its secure future.

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