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Twitter - come join the conversation

Do you tweet or does the very thought strike fear into the heart? Did you kow that the FBA does via @freshwaterbio? Perhaps you remain unconvinced by the whole thing? Over the past year an increasing numbers of your freshwater colleagues in the UK and internationally have taken to the Twittersphere as part of their professional roles or in a personal capacity. This article was first published in FBA News in Spring 2013 (No. 59, p10) and discusses why and how freshwater colleagues use this form of social media.

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Identifying Invasive Freshwater Shrimps and Isopods - revised edition

This booklet, completed in March 2012 and revised in December 2012 to incorporate new information, includes species that are already present in the UK, along with others that are invasive across mainland Europe and which may be recorded here in due course. It is designed to be printed as an A5-sized booklet.

This will be available in printed form early in 2013. If you do have any comments, please email these to the author:

Production of this guide was funded by Defra.

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Cave Life in Britain

This booklet is written by Lee Knight (Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme) and contains a simple key to the different groups of cave animals, their distribution and discusses cave ecology in detail.  If  you would like any further information about recording cave life please contact Lee ( or visit the Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme website.

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A Guide for the Identification of British Aquatic Oligochaeta

Freshwater Biological Association Scientific Publication No. 22


This long out of print publication is now freely available to download in pdf format.

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Airlift Sampling Ergonomics Assessment Videos

The FBA has carried out a research project for the Environment Agency to help derive a standardised approach to airlift sampling in deep rivers. As part of this project, the health and safety aspects of airlift sampling were examined. This was based on a comprehensive field trial, including all aspects of equipment handling and sampling.

The field trial was carried out on the 21st May 2010 with the kind help of the following people from the Environment Agency, Yorkshire and North East Region: Barry Byatt, Dave Barber, Julie Winterbottom, Joanne Hood and Paul Curry. The assessment of storage and loading was performed at Coverdale House (Environment Agency, Yorkshire and North East Region), while the river-based assessment was carried out on the River Derwent at Barmby Barrage, Yorkshire.

The four short films demonstrating airlift sampling are available to download below.

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Notes on the importance of sexing Gammaridae for identification: using Dikerogammarus as an example

Author - Drew Constable (Environment Agency)

The purpose of this note is to highlight the importance of sexing Gammarid specimens and to show that females, and indeed juveniles for that matter, can be more variable and/or may not show distinct features that have been highlighted in keys intended for adult males.

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