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FBA Studentships

The Freshwater Biological Association part-funds a number of PhD studentships in freshwater science. Details of current students are given below.

If you are a student looking for a PhD - New studentships part-funded by the FBA are advertised on this site as they arise. Although no new FBA studentships are due to start in 2013, studentships offered by other institutions are posted on our Other Grants and Studentships page.

If you are a PhD supervisor looking for a CASE partner - Our current policy is to consider requests to support studentships by being a CASE partner with other institutions, on condition that there is a clear benefit from the project to the FBA. If you are preparing a funding application for a CASE studentship in freshwater science and are interested in the FBA as a CASE partner, please contact the FBA Director.

Current FBA-funded students

Fiona Bracken (Durham University; matched funding from FBA)
The behavioural and evolutionary ecology of lampreys – anthropogenic impacts and conservation concern
Supervisors: Martyn Lucas & Rus Hoelzel (Durham University)
Papers published:

Clare Gray (Queen Mary, University of London; CASE studentship)
Developing a novel network-based approach to biomonitoring
Supervisors: Guy Woodward & Athen Ma (Queen Mary, University of London)
Papers published:

Louise Lavictoire (FBA and University of Cumbria; FBA staff member)
Population genetics and captive breeding practices to aid conservation of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera L.
Supervisors: Billy Sinclair & Andrew Ramsey (University of Cumbria), and Mike Dobson (FBA)

Helen Rosenkranz (University of Bristol; matched funding from FBA)

Biofilm dynamics: biodiversity, architecture and functioning in response to agrochemical gradients
Supervisors: Marian Yallup & Alex Anesio (University of Bristol), and Martyn Kelly (Bowburn Consultancy)

Gary Rushworth (FBA and University of Leeds; matched funding from FBA)
Macroinvertebrate community structure and functional development in reed swamp habitat
Supervisors: Lee Brown (University of Leeds) & Mike Dobson (FBA)

Felicity Shelley (Queen Mary, University of London; CASE Studentship)
The effects of methane concentration on river food webs
Supervisors: Jonathan Grey (QMUL) & Mike Dobson (FBA)
Papers published:

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