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FBA Translations

The following translations of scientific papers are available. A small charge is made for photocopies and p&p of translations. Please contact Isabelle Charmantier for further details.

E. S. Liperovskaya (1948)
On the feeding of freshwater ostracods
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 27(2) 125-136

A. V. Monakov (1963)
Occurrence of Macrocyclops distinctus (Richard) (Copopepoda, Cyclopoida) in Rybinsk reservoir
In: Materialy po biologii i gidrologii Volzhskikh vodokhranilishch p13-16. Moscow.

L. G. Butorina (1965)
Observations on the behaviour of Polyphemus pediculus and functions of its extremities in the process of feeding
Trudy Instituta Biologii Vnutrennykh Vodnany 8(11) 44-53

L. G. Butorina and Yu I. Sorokin (1966)
On the nutrition of Polyphemus pediculus (L.)
Trudy Instituta Biologii Vnutrennykh Vodnany 12(15) 170-174

L. G. Butorina (1963)
Some data on the distribution and life cycle of Polyphemus pediculus. abstract
Trudy Inst.Biol.Vodokhranil. 6 143-152

H. J. Elster (1954)
On the population dynamics of Eudiaptomus gracilis Sars and Heterocope borealis Fischer in the Bodensee-Obersee. Part B. Eudiaptomus gracilis Sars
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie Supplementband 20 550-598

J. Rzoska (1927)
Some observations on the temporal variations of size of copepods and some answers to questions on their biology
Internationale Revue der Gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie 17 99-114

N. N. Smirnov (1967)
On the sensillae of the limbs of Cladocera
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 46 286-288

N. N. Smirnov (1965)
Structure of the limbs and its significance for the ecology and systematics of the family Chydoridae
Voprosy Gidrobiologii ? p385

E. D. Mordukhai-Boltovskaya (1960)
On the nutrition of the predatory cladocerans Leptodora and Bythotrephes
Byulleten' Institute Biologii Vodokhranilishch 6 21-22

A. V. Monakov and Yu. I. Sorokin (1961)
Quantitative data on the feeding of daphnids. [abstract]
Trudy Inst.Biol.Vodokhranil. 4(7) 251-261

A. V. Monakov (1959)
The predatory feeding of Acanthocyclops viridis (Jur.) (Copepoda, Cyclopoida)
Trudy Inst.Biol.Vodokhranil. 2(5) 117-127

A. V. Makrushii (1967)
On the structure of the ephippium of Eurycercus lamellatus (O.F.Muller)
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod 1967(1) 27-31

A. E. Ergashev and T. T. Taubaev (1967)
Contribution to the biology and geographical distribution of Aegagropila sauteri (Nees) Kutz
Gidrobiologicheskie Zhurnal, Kiev 4(3) 68-69

T. L. Poddubnaya (1958)
The state of the benthos in the Rybinsk reservoir, 1953-55. abstract
Trudy biol.Sta.Borok 3 195-213

I. M. Levanidova and V. Y. Levanidov (1962)
On the problem of migrations of bottom invertebrates in the mid-water in Far Eastern rivers. abstract
Izv.tikhookeansk.Nauchno-issled.Inst.ryb.Khoz.Okeanogr. 48 178-189

E. F. Manuilova (1962)
The influence of blue-green algae on development of the zooplankton
Byull.mosk.Obshch.Ispyt.Prir.(Biol.) 67 128-131

A. Secondari (1950)
The presence in the Marche of Sericostoma siculum McL. (Insecta-Trichoptera)
Boll.Soc.eustachiana 43(2) 47-50

I. Taube (1966)
The temperature dependence of the development of the embryo in Mesocyclops leuckarti (Claus) and Cyclops scutifer
Thesis, Limnol.Inst.Uppsala

L. Pirocchi (1943)
A cyclopid from the depth of Lake Como
Bollettino di Zoologia 14(1/3) 33-48

N. Y. Sokolova (1968)
Production of the chironomids of the Uchinsk reservoir
In: Methods for the estimation of production of aquatic animals. (Handbook and papers) (ed. G. G. Vinberg) p226-239. Minsk, Vysheishaya Shkola

E. Stella (1964)
Megacylops viridis Jurine, abyssal form in Lake Maggiore
Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia Dott.Marco de Marchi 17 57-79

A. V. Vysotskii (1888)
Mastigophora and Rhizopoda found in saline lakes Weissovo and Repnoie (near Slaviansk). Selected passages describing Ochromonas species and Pedinella
Trudy Obshch.Ispyt.Prir.imp.khar'kov.Univ. 21 119-140

V. A. Goryushin and S. M. Chaplinskaya (1968)
Discovery of viruses lysing blue-green algae in the Dneprovsk reservoirs
In: Water blooms (ed. A. V. Topachevskii) p171-174. Kiev, Naukova Dumka

S. Berggren (1871)
Algae from the inland ice of Greenland
Kongl.Vetenskaps-Akademiens Forhandlingar 1871(2) 293-296

I. B. Bogatova (1951)
Quantitative data on the feeding of Cyclops strenuus Fischer and Cyclops viridis Jurine
Trudy saratov.Otd.vses.nauchno-issled.Inst.ozer.rech.ryb.Khoz. 1 163-176

V. I. Mitropol'skii (1969)
Life cycle of Pisidium obtusale Jenyns
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod No.3 17-21

I. B. Bogatova (1965)
Feeding of daphnids and diaptomids in ponds. abstract
Trudy vseross.nauchno-issled.Inst.prud.ryb.Khoz. 13 165-178

A. V. Makrushin (1966)
Observations on the ovogenesis of certain Cladocera. Formation of winter eggs in Eurycercus lamellatus and Daphnia pulex. abstract
Trudy Instituta Biologii Vnutrennykh Vodnany 12(15) 175-182

E. V. Borutskii (1960)
On the methods of determining size/weight characteristics of food organisms of fish. (Determination of the length of Copepoda in larval stages by egg-laying females of the free living freshwater Copepoda)
Voprosy Ikhtiologii 14 182-194

M. Satava (1969)
Tests of some specific effect substances in duck nutrition
Biologisace a chemisaze vyzivy svirat 5 43-48

L. Amelina (1927)
Key to the identification of the naupliar instars of the genus Cyclops
Arb.biol.Stat.Kossino 5 31-39

W. Steffens, U. Lieder, D. Nehring and H. W. Hattop (1962)
The possibilities and dangers in using malachite green in pisciculture
Zeitschrift fur Fischerei. N.F. 10 745-771

A. Ionescu (1969)
Rhythms of division of some algae in situ and in laboratory culture
Studii Cerc.Biol.(Bot.) 21 61-65

K. D. Spindler (1969)
Significance of the photoperiod for the development of Cyclops vicinus
Zoologischer Anzeiger Supplementband

I. M. Levanidova and E. T. Nikolaeva (1968)
Benthodrift in Kamchatka rivers. abstract
Izv.tikhookeansk.Nauchno-issled.Inst.ryb.Khoz.Okeanogr. 64 291-299

Yu. S. Belyatskaya (1958)
Generation time and utilization of energy by aquatic bacteria
Nauch.Dokl.vyssh.Shk. 1958(2) 147-151

N. N. Davydova (1970)
Application of diatom analysis for the study of the history of the lakes of north-west USSR
In: Istoriya Ozer; Trudy Vses.Simp.Vilnius p1-7. Vilnius

I. L. Pyrina and N. P. Mokeeva (1966)
On a method of determination of chlorophyll in cells of algae collected on a membrane filter
Trudy Instituta Biologii Vnutrennykh Vodnany 11(14) 198-202

U. Einsle (1969)
Investigations on the vertical migration of planktonic Crustacea in the Bodensee-Obersee
Schr.ver.Gesch.Bodensee 87 177-187

K. Seiler, R. Seiler and G. Sterba (1970)
Histochemical investigations on the interrenal system of the river lamprey (Lapetra planeri Bloch)
Acta 24 553-554

H. J. Elster (1967)
Recent investigations on zooplankton in the Limnological Institute of the University of Freiburg, in Falkau (Germany)
Acta cient.Venezolana 18 94-97

J. Macys and K. Jankevicius (1971)
On methods of evaluation of bacterial production
Lietuvas TSR Mokslu Akademijos Darbai, C Serija 2(55) 3-9

K. D. Spindler (1971)
Observations on the influence of external factors on the duration of the embryonic development and on the molting rhythm of Cyclops vicinus
Oecologia 7 342-355

G. Fischer and W. Albert (1971)
A biologically active peptide in the skin of lampreys (Eudontomyzon danfordi vladykovi)
Z.NaturforSch. (B) 26(10) 1021-1023

A. V. Makrushin (1971)
A case of development of the parthenogenetic embryo in the ovary of Moina macrocopa Straus (Crustacea, Cladocera)
Vest. Zool., Kiev 1971(4) 86

O. A. Klyuchareva (1963)
On drift and diel vertical migration of bottom invertebrates of the Amur
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 42 1601-1612

W. Kuhnelt and L. Dolling (1952)
A marked effect of water snails on small crustaceans
Anz.ost.Akad.Wiss 1952(10) 95-99

E. Naumann (1919)
Some aspects of the ecology of the limnoplankton, with special reference to the phytoplankton
Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift 13(2) 129-163

H. Luppa and A. Ermisch (1967)
Investigations into the structure and function of the exocrine pancreas of lampreys
Morph.Jb. 110 245-269

V. N. Sergeev (1971)
Behaviour and mechanism of feeding of Lathonura rectirostris (Cladocera, Macrothricidae)
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 50 1002-1010

J. Cukerzis (1966)
Investigations of certain eco-physiological characteristics of the broad and long-pincered crayfish in connection with their interspecific relationships
Lietuvas TSR Mokslu Akademijos Darbai, C Serija 2(40) 279-286

M. A. Esipova (1969)
Growth and reproduction of Moina rectirostris (Leydig) and Ceriodaphnia quadrangula (O. F. Muller) with feeding on detritus
In: Sbornik po prudovomu rybovodstvu (ed. p79-89. Moscow, VNIRO

V. Y. Pankratova (1970)
Key to the larvae of the genera of the sub-family Orthocladiinae from Larvae and Pupae of midges of the sub-family Orthocladiinae of the fauna of the USSR
In: Larvae and pupae of midges of the subfamily Orthocladiinae of the fauna of the USSR (Diptera, Chironomidae = Tendipedidae) (ed. Pankratova V.Ya.) p51-55. Leningrad, Nauka

E. Messikommer (1948)
Evidence of algae in the excrement of ducks
Hydrobiologia 1 22-27

H. Loffler (1963)
Bird migration and the spread of Crustacea
Verhandlungen der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft 27 311-316

A. Thienemann (1950)
The transport of aquatic animals by birds
Binnengewasser 18 156-159

V. N. Sergeev (1973)
Methods of feeding of some macrothricids (Cladocera, Macrothricidae)
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod 16 29-34

N. Quennerstedt (1955)
The diatoms of Longans lake-vegetation. Fossil diatom flora
Acta Phytogeographica Suecica 36 73-86

A. V. Makrushin (1970)
Changes in the organism of females of some Cladocera in transition to gamogenesis
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 49 1573-1575

M. V. Kabailene (1973)
On distribution of pollen in lakes
In: Palynology in geological research in the Baltic Soviet Republics p113-119. Vilnius

K. Hisauchi (1960)
'Fa Tsai', a Chinese edible Nostoc in market
Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Phycology 8 124-126

V. Tonolli (1961)
Study on the dynamics of the population of a copepod (Eudiaptomus vulgaris Schmeil)
Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia Dott.Marco de Marchi 13 179-202

V. Y. Pankratova (1970)
Keys to the larvae of the species of the genera Diamesa, Eukiefferiella, Orthocladius, Cricotopus, Psectrocladius and Chaetocladius
In: Larvae and pupae of midges of the subfamily Orthocladiinae of the fauna of the USSR (Diptera, Chironomidae = Tendipedidae) (ed. V. Y. Pankratova) p76-8,151-152,173-174,188-189. Leningrad, Nauka

N. N. Smirnov (1971)
Chydoridae of the world's fauna
Leningrad, Zool.Inst.: 52p

S. N. Ulomskii (1965)
On the ecology of species belonging to the genus Mesocyclops Sars (Crustacea, Copepoda) dwelling in the water-bodies of the Urals and Pri-Ural territory
Zoologicheskie Zhurnal 44(1) 127-130

E. Stengel (1970)
The changes in various iron compounds in culture media for algae
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie Supplemente Band 38(1/2) 151-169

H. J. Altmann (1972)
Determination of dissolved oxygen in water with leukoberbelin-blue I. A quick Winkler method
Z.analyt.Chem. 262 97-99

K. Roch and A. Kaffka (1972)
Determination of the activity of nitrifying bacteria in surface waters by a modified BOD-test
Zentbl.Bakt.Parasitkde 156(1) 414-421

B. Molnar and S. Szabo (1973)
Cytological aspects of gonadotropic cells and pre-opticoneurohypophysial neurosecretion during the ovarian cycle of Eudontomyzon danfordi
Studia Univ.Babes-Bolyai, Biologia 18 105-113

H. P. Bulnheim (1972)
Comparative investigations on the respiratory physiology of euryhaline gammarids with special reference to salinity adaptation
Helgolander Wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen 23(4) 485-534

S. V. Ivolgina, A. L. Meshcheryakova and O. N. Al'bitskaya (1972)
Special carbon requirement of Spirulina platensis culture
In: Materialy VII Vsesoyuznogo Rabochego Soveshchanii po Voprosu Krugovorota Veshchestv v Zamknutoi Sisteme na Osnove Zhiznedeyatel'nosti Nizshikh Organizmov p55-57. Kiev, Naukova Dumka

I. Spodniewska (1973)
Nitrogen and phosphorus forms in water and the food requirements of algae
Wiadomosci Ekologiczne 19 238-244

L. A. Filimonov (1970)
On the structure of the seminal receptacle in cyclopids (Copepoda, Cyclopoida)
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod 1970(6) 26-31

P. Gode and J. Overbeck (1972)
Studies on heterotrophic nitrification in a lake
Z.allg.Mikrobiol. 12 567-574

K. A. Dobrowolski (1973)
Waterfowl and their role in lake ecosystems
Wiadomosci Ekologiczne 19 355-371

R. Gras (1970)
Individual weight, development time and yield of different stages of Tropodiaptomus incognitus (Crustacea: Copepoda)
Cahiers ORSTOM, Serie Hydrobiologie 4(1) 63-70

A. V. Monakov (1958)
On the problem of the distribution of Acanthocyclops viridis Jurine in the Rybinsk reservoir
Byulleten' Institute Biologii Vodokhranilishch 1958(1) 36-39

J. Ducruet (1975)
Action of ecdysterone on the moulting of amphipod females: Gammarus pulex (L.) and G.fossarum Koch. Early results
Crustaceana 28 86-88

B. Bua and E. Snekvik (1972)
Experiments with the hatching of salmon spawn 1966-1971
Vann 1972(1) 86-93

T. L. Tan (1973)
Physiology of nitrate reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Z.allg.Mikrobiol. 13 83-94

A. P. Shcherbakov (1952)
Relationship of dimensions and weight in freshwater planktonic crustaceans
Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 84(1) 153-156

K. Starmach (1972)
Family: Cladophora Kutzing 1843. identification key
Flora Slodkowodna Polski 10 227-263

K. Starmach (1966)
Anabaena circinalis Rabenhorst and A.flos aquae Brebisson, ex Bornet et Flahault
In: Flora Slodkowodna Polski

P. Larsson (1968)
Holopedium gibberum - an indicator of soft-water lakes?
Fauna 21 130-132

I. P. Lubyanov and I. A. Zubchenko (1970)
Fundamental aspects of the feeding of the amphipod Gammarus (R.) balcanicus (Crustacea, Amphipoda)
Nauchn.Dokl.vyssh.Shkoly (Biol.Nauk) 1970(7) 12-16

I. A. Dudka (1964)
Some biological features of Saprolegnia parasitica Coker - cause of fish dermatomycosis
In: Pervaya nauchnaya konferentsiya molodykh Uchenykh Biologov (Tezisy Dokladov) p84-86. Kiev, A.N.Ukr. SSR.

E. A. Lind, O. Kukko, M. Keranen and T. Ellonen (1972)
Diurnal periodicity of activity in the spawning perch P. fluviatilis L
Kalamies 1972(7) 3

T. Ellonen and E. A. Lind (1973)
Diurnal periodicity of winter activity in the perch, Perca fluviatilis L
Kalamies 1973(1) 3

E. A. Lind, T. Ellonen, M. Keranen, O. Kukko and A. Tenhunen (1973)
Seasonal variation in the diurnal periodicity of activity of the perch, Perca fluviatilis L
Kalamies 1973(3) 3

A. Tenhunen, P. Hytinkosi, O. Kukko, E. A. Lind and J. Turunen (1973)
Activity of perch, Perca fluviatilis L. in relation to water temperature
Kalamies 1973(6) 4

M. Czopek (1963)
Cultivation methods for Lemnaceae
Wiadomosci Botaniczne 7(2) 153-164

W. Fresenius and W. Schneider (1965)
For the determination of iron (II) and total iron with 2,2'-dipyridyl in mineral waters. Reduction of iron (III) with ascorbic acid
Zeitschrift fur Analytische Chemie 209 340-341

U. Teckelmann (1974)
The effects of temperature on growth and metabolism of flowing water cold-stenotherms
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 74(4) 479-495, 516-522

T. I. Privol'nev (1956)
Reaction of fish to light. conclusions only
Voprosy Ikhtiologii 6 17-20

A. Prosperi, M. Bernagozzi, G. C. Romano and E. Tonelli (1975)
Application of algal bioassays in the determination of eutrophic power of waste water
1g.Sanita pubbl. 31 257-267

E. Baldi (1941)
Mechanism of red colouration in Tovel-See
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 38 299-302

A. Herzig and O. Moog (1977)
The vertical distribution of zooplankton in the Goggausee (the influence of algae and Chaoborus flavicans)
Carinthia II 166/186 373-385

A. Shirota (1970)
Studies on the mouth size of fish larvae. method and conclusions only
Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries 36 353-368

V. I. Romanenko, M. Peres Eiris, V. M. Kudryatsev and M. Aurora Pubienes (1975)
Radioautographic method of determination of number of bacteria in water-bodies
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod No.26 65-67

A. M. Svirskii, L. K. Malinin and V. I. Ovchinnikov (1976)
On the diel rhythm of motor activity in perch
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod No.30 12-14

M. P. Borovitskaya (1956)
Biology of the amphipod Gammarus pulex L. in water-bodies of the Leningrad district, and its piscicultural importance
Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Gidrobiologicheskogo Obshchestva 7 99-122

O. N. Bauer (1959)
Chilodonella cyprini (Moroff, 1902)
Izv.gos.nauchno-issled.Inst.ozer.i 49 25-28

E. S. Panek (1976)
On the occurrence of Pithophora oedogonia (Mont.) Wittr. var. polyspora Rendle et West fil (Cladophoraceae) in the pond of the Wroclaw Botanical Garden
Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 22 255-260

N. N. Smirnov (1971)
Keys to families of Cladocera and to subfamilies, genera, species and subspecies of Macrothricidae and Moinidae
Leningrad, Zool.Inst.: 13p

H. Decamps, J. Capblancq and J. P. Hirigoyen (1977)
A study of flow conditions near the substratum in an experimental channel
Verhandlungen der Internationalen Vereinigung fur Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 18 718-725

J. Arrignon (1972)
Fish zoning of some watercourses in Normandy
Verhandlungen der Internationalen Vereinigung fur Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 18 1135-1146

P. Legier and J. Talin (1973)
Comparison of permanent and temporary streams of calcareous Provence
Annales de Limnologie 9(3) 273-292

P. Legier and J. Talin (1976)
Recolonisation of temporary streams and evolution of a degree of stability of the zoocenose
Ecologia Mediterranea No.1 149-164

I. Ferrari (1970)
Ecological significance of seasonal variation in clutch-size of Arctodiaptomus bacillifer in alpine lakes of high altitudes (Val Bognanco)
Bollettino di Zoologia 37 491-492

M. Dalene (1973)
Red char (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) in Katnosa. Age, growth, size of stock, mortality and assessment. Thesis in the principal subject of specialized zoology for a science degree. [abstract]
Thesis, University of Oslo

W. K. Schwerdtfeger and J. Bereiter-Hahn (1977)
Glycocalyx production in teleosts
Verhandlungen der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft 1977 286

F. Schiemer, E. Dolezal, E. Gnaiger and A. Jantsch (1975)
Observations on the distribution, daytime migrations and daily food intake rates of Chaoborus flavicans (Meigen) in the Goggausee
Carinthia II 165(85) 184-190

V. D. Spanovskaya, V. A. Grigorash and T. N. Lyagina (1963)
The dynamics of the fecundity of fishes, for example the roach, Rutilus rutilus (L.). [conclusions and figure/table captions only]
Voprosy Ikhtiologii 3(1) 67-83

N. K. Alekseev (1965)
On the feeding of the larvae of Chironomidae during the planktonic period of life
Nauch.Dokl.vyssh.Shk.Biol.Nauk 1 19-21

V. Y. Pankratova (1977)
The family of chironomids or midges - Chironomidae. Keys to larvae and pupae.
In: Guide to the freshwater invertebrates of the European area of the USSR (Plankton and benthos) (ed. L. A. Kutikova and Ya. I. Starobogatov) p371-431. Leningrad, Gidrometeoizdat

A. I. Shilova (1955)
Some abundant Tendipedid species (Diptera, Tendipedidae) of the Amu-Darya drainage basin. Acalcarella shilova, gen.n. only
Ent.Obozr. 34 313-322

V. Tonolli (1954)
Predation and selection in copepod populations of Alpine waters
Bollettino di Zoologia 21 541-545

R. Iturriaga and G. Rheinheimer (1975)
A simple method for counting bacteria with active electron transport system in water and sediment samples
Kiel. Meeresforsch. 31(2) 83-86

R. Riehl and E. Schulte (1979)
An identification key of the most important German freshwater teleost fishes by means of their eggs
Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 83(2) 200-212

R. Peduzzi, N. Nolard-Tintigner and S. Bizzozero (1976)
Investigations on saprolegniosis. II. Study on the process of penetrations showing evidence of a proteolytic enzyme and histopathological aspects
Riv.ital.Piscicolt.Ittiopatol. 11(4) 109-117

G. Guissani (1974)
Selective plankton feeding by the coregonid "bondella" (Coregonus sp.) of Lake Maggiore
Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia Dott.Marco de Marchi 31 181-203

A. Bossone and V. Tonolli (1954)
The problem of the co-existence of Arctodiaptomus bacillifer (Koelb.), Acanthodiaptomus denticornis (Wierz.) and Heterocope saliens Lill
Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia Dott.Marco de Marchi 8 81-94

N. Nolard-Tintigner (1976)
Saprolegnia on roach (Leuciscus rutilus) and carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Acta zool.pathol.Antverpiensia 43 107-123

G. Gelmini (1928)
Contributions to the knowledge of larval development in Cyclops leuckarti Claus
Natura, Milano 19 89-96

K. D. Spindler (1969)
Experimental research on dormancy in Cyclops vicinus
Naturwissenschaften 56 93-94

V. Tonolli and G. Bonomi (1967)
Flood circulation in oligomictic lakes: an undervalued reason for restriction of zooplankton production
Memorie dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia Dott.Marco de Marchi 22 9-52

F. Porcelli and S. Massari (1969)
Histochemical data on the skin mucous cells during the development of the trout
Bollettino della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 45 1273-1276

V. E. Roshchin and K. L. Mazelev (1979)
The influence of constant temperature on the embryonic growth of Asellus aquaticus L. (Crustacea)
Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belorusskoi SSR, Seriya Biyal. 1979(1) 128-130

V. E. Roshchin and K. L. Mazelev (1978)
Respiration and the efficiency of energy during embryonic development of Asellus aquaticus L. (Crustacea)
Vestsi Akademii Navuk Belorusskoi SSR, Seriya Biyal. 1978(5) 112-114

E. G. Dobrynin (1978)
The intensity of photosynthesis in salt lakes of Crimea
Informatsionnyi Byulleten Biologiya Vnutrennikh Vod No.37 26-29

M. Celada and A. M. De Paoli (1962)
A contribution to the knowledge of the skin albuminose cells of Torpedo ocellata Raf
Riv.Istochim.norm.pat. 8 411-416

S. T. Massari (1971)
Epidermis differentiation in Salmo irideus Gilb. development
Archo ital.Anat.Embriol. 76 19-30

R. Cuinat and M. Heland (1979)
Observations on the downstream movements of brown trout fry (Salmo trutta L.)in the Lissuraga
Bulletin Francais de la Pisciculture No.274 1-17

A. M. Domenach, A. Chalamet and C. Pachiaudi (1977)
Ratio of natural isotopes of nitrogen. I. Primary results: soils of Dombes
Revue d'Ecologie et de Biologie du Sol 14 279-287

B. Jalabert (1975)
Modulation of the effectiveness of 17-alpha-hydroxy-20-beta-dihydroprogesterone or of a gonadotrophic extract on the in vitro intrafollicular maturation of oocytes of the rainbow trout Salmo gairdnerii by various non-maturing steroids
Compte Rendu Hebdomadaire des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences, Paris, Series D 281 811-814

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Individual growth and seasonal cycle of Daphnia middendorffiana in an Alpine lake
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