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The Fluvarium


The Fluvarium is a running water aquarium where river water from the Mill Stream (part of the River Frome) is directed through two substantial glass-sided channels within a purpose built building.

The Fluvarium building permits unique access to an ‘experimental river’ where complex scientific equipment, including sensitive electronics, can be brought into close proximity to a real river, but under the protection of a substantial concrete building with a glass roof.

The Fluvarium Building at the FBA River Laboratory


Glass-sided channels within the Fluvarium




The Fluvarium has been used for numerous scientific studies including:

  • Fish tracking
  • Experimental work on the shear stress of macrophyte plants
  • Hydrophone experiments
  • Behavioural studies of caged wild fish

The Fluvarium offers a unique platform for scientific research and is available to rent or hire from the Freshwater Biological Association (subject to availability with existing research). For all enquiries please email


Fluvarium electrical and services (south wall)


Tank area (north wall)





Fluvarium directing Salmonid fish into a rotary fish trap for tagging work


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