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The FBA supports science in a variety of ways.

Research projects

Staff and students are currently coordinating or heavily involved in the following major research projects:

bosmina  Pearl mussel conservation. Research associated with captive breeding and potential reintroduction of the endangered freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) in England.

bosmina  River Invertebrate Classification Tool (RICT). An update of the classic RIVPACS tool, using macroinvertebrate data to assess ecological quality of rivers.

bosmina  Reedbed macroinvertebrate ecology. The role of reedbeds in determining invertebrate community structure and function in lake fringes, and the importance of invertebrates in reedbed development.

Other projects in which the FBA is currently involved are as follows:

bosmina  Whole lake responses to species invasion mediated by climate change. A project using the extensive long term datasets available for Windermere to understand the influence of invasive species on community structure and function in a changing climate.

Honorary Research Fellows

FBA Honorary Research Fellowships are awarded to distinguished scientists who wish to continue their research after retiring from full-time employment. The FBA provides desk space and laboratory facilities and in return gains scientific recognition through published papers and promotion of the Association through presentations and support.

Grants and awards

The FBA funds research through its annual Gilson Award and its occasional studentships.

Research coordination

The FBA is committed to promoting the use of good science in making management decisions for fresh waters.  To this end, it is involved in the following initiatives to enhance the quality and application of applied research.

bosmina  The Cooperative Research Partnership for Freshwater Ecology.

bosmina  The Lake District Still Waters Partnership.

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