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SPEC 15: The World of Lakes : Lakes of the World

by Mary J Burgis and Pat Morris, with illustrations by Guy Troughton

Published by The Freshwater Biological Association, Ambleside, August 2007
Size, 170 x 244 mm, 281 pp.
ISBN 978-0-900386-76-3; ISSN 1747-1958.
Price £25.00

The World of Lakes provides a fully illustrated and clearly written introduction to the fascinating
world of lakes, which are shown to be not only scenic attractions but also living communities, as much as cities and forests. Despite their distinct shorelines, lakes are not isolated but constantly interact with their surroundings. Nor are they just water; their many subtle variations have profound effects on the wildlife they support.

The World of Lakes explains the properties of lake water, the formation of lakes, their dramatic seasonal patterns, and the communities of plants and animals that they support. The remarkable variety of the world's lakes is then described: from the frozen lakes of Antarctica,
which face perpetual cold and prolonged darkness, to the rich warm waters of equatorial Africa. Having provided a picture of lakes as dynamic but delicate habitats, the authors discuss the crucial question of conservation.

The text is richly illustrated with photographs, drawings and diagrams. The authors' extensive travels and research have enabled them to provide a unique combination of clear explanations and broad coverage making this work of genuine interest to students of biology and geography as well as to general readers.

Naturalists, ornithologists, anglers, holidaymakers and anyone wanting a greater understanding of lakes will be delighted by this book.

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