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SPEC 3. Eutrophication - Research and Application to Water Supply

Edited by D.W. Sutcliffe and J.G. Jones on behalf of the Freshwater Biological Association and the International Water Supply Association, London, UK

Published by The Freshwater Biological Association, Ambleside, 1992

224 pages

ISBN 978-0-900386-52-7

Price £24.00

Invited papers from a specialised conference held in London (UK) on 10-11 December 1991.


bosmina  Introduction and opening remarks (H. Bernhardt)

bosmina  Eutrophication and the management of planktonic algae: what Vollenweider couldn't tell us (C.S. Reynolds)

bosmina  The impact of physical processes on algal growth (D.M. Imboden)

bosmina  The predicting power of models for eutrophication (G. van Straten)

bosmina  Structural dynamic eutrophication models (S.E. Jørgensen)

bosmina  The scope for biomanipulation in improving water quality (B. Moss)

bosmina  The control of indirect effects of biomanipulation (J. Benndorf)

bosmina  The significance of sedimentation and sediments to phytoplankton growth in drinking-water reservoirs (D. Uhlmann & H. Horn)

bosmina  Calcite covering of sediments as a possible way of curbing blue-green algae (H. Klapper)

bosmina  Development of trophic state and phytoplankton in an oligo-mesotrophic reservoir (Kleine Kinzig) in the northern Black Forest, Germany (E. Hoehn)

bosmina  Changes of water quality and sediment phosphorus of a small productive lake following decreased phosphorus loading (S.I. Heaney, J.E. Corry & J.P. Lishman)

bosmina  Eutrophication in the River Meuse (J.-P. Descy)

bosmina  Keys to species of case-bearing caddis larvae (one key for each family)

bosmina  A tool for better management of water quality during periods of algal blooms: the case of the River Oise (T. Vandevelde & V. Da Molo)

bosmina  The control of gas-vacuolate cyanobacteria (A.E. Walsby)

bosmina  Physical measures to inhibit planktonic cyanobacteria (C.E.W. Steinberg & E. Gruhl)

bosmina  Active reservoir management: a model solution (J. Hilton, A.E. Irish & C.S. Reynolds)

bosmina  Notes on collection, preservation and examination, and on general features of caddis larvae

bosmina  Management of Biesboch reservoirs for quality control with special reference to eutrophication (G. Oskam & L. van Breeman)

bosmina  Summary and concluding remarks (J.G. Jones)

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