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Title: Medway Estuary fisheries survey 2000 : (incorporating the report for 1997 to 2000)
Author: J. Cave
Author: A. Saunders
Author: M. Robinson
Author: C. Conroy
Author: S. Smith
Author: J. Smith
Author: T. Erskine
Document Type: Monograph
As part of a Medway Estuary Project funded by the Environment Agencys Water Resources function, a biennial programme of sampling has surveyed the fish fauna at 5 locations within the tidal Medway. Species characteristic of estuarine conditions have been identified at all 5 sites (e.g. bass, smelt, flounder, goby) and freshwater species have been identified at the two sites in the upper part of the estuary. Bass, sprat, herring and smelt have been identified as suitable indicators of water quality because they are common, comparatively sensitive and occur at sites in the middle reaches of the estuary defined within the tidal excursion range; an area where pollutants would concentrate as a consequence of the tidal regime. The surveys for 2000 identified bass, smelt and sprat at the mid-reach sites (Wouldham and M2 Bridge/ Borstal). In this respect, the estuary met its environmental quality standard for fish in the year 2000. Floods in June followed by major flooding in October had the effect of extending the range of freshwater fish species down the tideway in the first instance and probably extended displacement and loss of these species within the outer estuary during the autumn event. Elevated freshwater discharges during 2000 maintained the estuary with above average dissolved oxygen levels. This ensured fish survival and overall productivity within the nursery areas. No evidence was found of any juvenile shad or shad recruitment within the estuary. Whilst no salmon or sea trout were taken by the survey net, reports were received of some adult migratory fish within the tideway and in the main river Medway upstream of Allington Lock at the normal tidal limit. This report includes an additional report upon the findings of the four years of study and recommendations for future work and investigations.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2001
Publication Place: Worthing
Subject Keywords: EstuariesEstuarine fisheriesCoastal fisheriesBiological samplingBrackishwater fishesFreshwater fishesSpawningJuvenilesEcological abundance
Geographic Keywords: Medway EstuaryWouldham
Extent: 20; + appendices
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