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Title: Poole Harbour and Purbeck catchment management plan : first annual review
Author: Environment Agency South West Region
Document Type: Monograph
This is the First Annual Review of the Poole Harbour an Purbeck Action Plan which was published in March 1996. It introduces the Environment Agency and summarises progress made with Actions. Previous publications relating to this catchment contain more background detail, and this Review should be read in conjunction with these publications: Poole Harbour fir Purbeck Catchment Management Plan Consultation Report - November 1995; Poole Harbour 6 Purbeck Catchment; Management Plan Final Report - March 1996 Related information may also be found in the: Frome 6TPiddle Catchment Management Plan Consultation Report - March 1995; Frome an Piddle Catchment Management Plan Action Plan - February 1996. The Poole Harbour an Purbeck catchment is an area of high amenity and ecological importance, greatly valued by locals and visitors alike. The Harbour, with its variety of wetlands, and the Purbeck coast are protected by a number of conservation designations. The Harbour with its sheltered waters and the Purbeck coast with its exceptional bathing beaches make an important contribution to the local economy through recreation and tourism. Poole town is located on the northern shores of the Harbour, and includes the commercial port. The ecological, recreational and commercial importance of the catchment means that the water environment is subject to considerable pressures. Our management of the catchment must recognise the needs of water users and the needs of the water environment itself, and seek to balance these needs.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1997
Publication Place: Exeter
Subject Keywords: Catchment Management PlansFlood controlWater qualityNature conservationPollution controlAir qualityWaste management
Geographic Keywords: Poole HarbourIsle of PurbeckFrome and Piddle subcatchment
Extent: 16
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