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Title: Radiological assessment of radioactive waste disposal from non-nuclear premises in Anglian region. Vol. 1 : methodology
Author: G. D. Burholt
Author: A. Martin
Document Type: Monograph
This Report has been prepared by Alan Martin Associates for the Anglian Region of the Environment Agency (EA) under Contract Ref. P0035/DpSE/CT. The objective of the work covered by the contract is to undertake an assessment of the radiation doses to critical groups from authorised disposals and discharges of radioactive waste from premises other than nuclear sites within the Anglian Region. The results of the study are presented in three volumes as follows: Volume 1 - Methodology for assessment of the radiological impact of authorised releases from non-nuclear premises; Volume 2 - Radiological assessment of authorised releases from non-nuclear premises in the Anglian Region; and Volume 3 - Compiled data on authorised discharges from non-nuclear premises in the Anglian Region. The present report comprises Volume 1 and sets out a detailed methodology on which the results reported in a separate volume (Volume 2) are based. After a discussion of the background to the study and of authorised disposals from non-nuclear premises, a summary and review of previous work is presented. The general approach to the assessment of the radiological impact of disposals or discharges of wastes containing radioactivity are then described and reference results are presented, based on generic assessments. The disposal routes for which results are presented are: Release to atmosphere, considering the impacts at both residential and agricultural locations; Release to sewer, with subsequent discharge of treated effluent and use of sewage sludge; Release to river, including external exposure, drinking water, fish consumption and irrigation pathways; Release to coastal or estuarine waters, taking account of external exposure and fish consumption; and Disposal of solid waste to landfill. In all cases, results are presented on a unit basis to facilitate their application to other locations or to variations of current authorisations. An assessment of the radiological impact of sewer discharges on sewage plant workers and sewer maintenance workers is included.
Publisher: Environment Agency Anglian Region
Publication Date: 1999
Publication Place: Surrey
Subject Keywords: Radioactive pollutantsRadiolysisAssessmentMethodology
Geographic Keywords: EA Anglian
Extent: 66
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