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Title: Decision document on the review of authorisations for British Nuclear Fuels plc to dispose of radioactive wastes from the Springfield nuclear site : main document
Author: Environment Agency North West Region
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: Radioactive Substances Act 1993
The Environment Agency (the Agency) has made its decisions for the review of the BNFL authorisations to dispose of radioactive wastes from the Springfields nuclear site. The Agencys decisions are set out in full in the Decision Document. This summary of the Decision Document is being sent to all stakeholders included in the public consultation. The Decision Document, which is being made publicly available, provides the background to and basis for, the Agencys decisions for the Springfields nuclear site. It includes the Agencys responses to issues raised during consultation. Details of how the full Decision Document can be obtained from the Agency are included at the end of this summary. The Agency has regulatory responsibility under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 (RSA 93) for all disposals and discharges of radioactive waste from nuclear sites in England and Wales. As part of its role of protecting and improving the environment, the Agency is committed to progressive reductions in radioactive discharges and discharge limits where practicable. The Agency began this review in October 2001 setting out its scope and methodology. This required the provision of certain information from BNFL. Following a full reexamination of this information and the existing authorisations, the Agency published its proposals for a new authorisation and regulation of the site in the form of an Explanatory Document and draft authorisation in November 2003. The Agency sought views on these proposals during a formal consultation, which included statutory consultees and the wider public. Due account has been taken of the responses to this consultation before any final decisions on re-authorisation were made. The Agency is now publishing this Decision Document setting out its decisions for re-authorisation of the Springfields nuclear site.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2004
Publication Place: Warrington
Subject Keywords: Radioactive pollutantsWaste disposalDecision making
Geographic Keywords: EA North WestLancashire
Extent: 112; + appendices
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