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Title: PVC : an evaluation using the Natural Step framework
Author: Mike T Monaghan
Document Type: Monograph
Sustainable development acknowledges that the worlds resources are diminishing whilst population is rising, diminishing the capacity of all enterprises to operate. This challenge is inevitable and unavoidable, but presents both opportunities and threats. The Natural Step (TNS) framework uses scientific principles to define sustainability - the capacity to continue indefinitely - in unambiguous terms. This study evaluates PVC from this sustainability perspective, establishing a number of substantive challenges. PVC has brought major economic and social benefits, for example in the medical and construction industries. However, sustainability is an inevitable challenge, and so the issues that it raises must be addressed as a matter of priority. This analysis using the principles of TNS measures the life cycle of PVC against the ultimate goal of full sustainability, offering the PVC industry a process by which it can establish, in conjunction with key stakeholders, a programme for moving towards sustainability. This will help the industry move from a reactive to a proactive position, and help to encourage the necessary innovation to face up to the ultimately inevitable challenge of sustainable development. This challenge is unavoidable if the industry is to assure its long-term future. As with virtually any manufactured product today, including current alternative materials to PVC, there are many breaches of the System Conditions.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2000
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Sustainable developmentPolymersAssessmentTechniques
Extent: 64
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