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Title: Rivers Nidd and Wharfe catchment management plan : consultation report
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: June 1994
Catchment Management Planning is the process by which issues and opportunities resulting from water-related catchment uses are assessed and actions proposed to optimise the overall, future well-being of the water environment The purpose of a Catchment Management Plan (CMP) is to define a strategy for realising the environmental potential of the catchment within the prevailing economic and political constraints. The Nidd and Wharfe Catchment Management Plan will form one of several plans to be produced by the Northumbria and Yorkshire Region of the NRA. Hie publication of this consultation report marks the start of a three month period of formal consultation enabling external organisations and the general public to work with the NRA in planning the future of the water environment of the Nidd and Wharfe Catchment. It describes the catchment, reviews the state of the water environment and identifies the uses and issues which need to be addressed.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1993
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Catchment Management PlansConsultationAquatic environmentEnvironmental management
Geographic Keywords: EA Yorkshire and North EastNidd (Yorkshire)WharfeSwale, Ure, Nidd and Upper Ouse catchmentWharfe and Lower Ouse catchment
Extent: 105
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