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Title: Effects on gammarus of sediments impacted by watercress farms
Author: B.D. Roddie
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Effects on gammarus of sediments impacted by watercress farms
Concern has been expressed over the absence of Gammarus, a characteristic chalk stream invertebrate, from streams receiving discharge from watercress farms. It has been suggested that this may be in part, or in whole, due to the release of zinc, used to control root infections in the watercress, in particulate and dissolved form, from watercress beds. Two linked studies were conducted to investigate the effects on Gammarus of sediments derived from a watercress farm discharge, and the possible role of zinc contamination in any observed effects. Gammarus were either exposed for four and eight weeks to sediment cores from five sites covering a 3.5 km stream segment downstream of the farm, or for 10 days to leaf material experimentally contaminated with zinc. Response was measured in terms of behaviour, feeding rate and change in body weight.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1990
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: InvertebratesSpecies distributionStreamsFarmsZincContamination
Extent: 21; + tables and figures
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