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Title: Greenhouse effect : current knowledge and implications for South West England : summary
Author: C.J. Caseldine
Document Type: Monograph
This document is the summary report of "Greenhouse effect" NRA report. Greenhouse Effect refers to a natural process whereby wanning of the lower atmosphere is enhanced by the ability of certain trace (greenhouse) gases to absorb and re-radiate long wave radiation emitted from the earths surface. Although recognised for over 150 years the potential impact of these gases, especially C02, CH4 (methane), N2O (nitrous oxide) and CFCs, has only excited world interest over the last two decades. In this time a variety of scientists have modelled the possible climatic impacts and produced a variety of estimates of likely climatic change. International cooperation has seen the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which met in 1990 in Geneva, and has aleo published the most up-to-date scientific assessment of the problem (Houghton, 1990). In the UK this formed part of the basis for a Report to the DOE by the UK Climate Change Impacts Research Group in January 1991, entitled 'The Potential Effects of Climate Change in the UK.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1991
Publication Place: Exeter
Subject Keywords: Greenhouse effectGlobal warmingRegional planning
Geographic Keywords: EA South West
Extent: 4
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