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Title: River stretch quality : part 1 : river stretch reference information
Author: National Rivers Authority Welsh Region
Document Type: Monograph
This document (I. River Stretch Reference Information) is the first in a series of documents concerning the DOE and NRA River Quality Surveys. It lists the basic reference information about each river stretch (ie river name, river stretch description and grid references, DOE stretch code, stretch length, flow, hydrological reference number of downstream extent of stretch, and long term river quality objective) and should therefore not need updating every year. Subsequent documents will each cover different aspects of the survey: II. River Quality Classifications and Sampling Points; This document will show past and present river quality classifications and the sample point numbers and locations used for the past 3 years. It will be updated every year to include any changes to the sampling points and the addition of the classification for the previous year; III. Biological Scores. This document will show past and present biological scores (BMWP) which are representative of the stretches. It will be updated every year to include the scores from the previous year's sampling; IV. Stretch Uses. This document will show the revised list of uses applying to each classified river stretch. These uses have not yet been identified but will form the basis for the Statutory Water Quality Objectives being introduced by the Government and hence the target NRA river quality class (intended to be established by 1992). It will be updated when necessary.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1990
Publication Place: Cardiff
Subject Keywords: RiversWater quality measurementsWater quality surveysMethodologyRiver Quality ObjectivesBiological monitoring techniques
Extent: 34
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