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Title: National Rivers Authority/Po River Basin Authority collaboration programme : (collection of documents)
Author: C. Hager
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: NRA water research Centre - Rome 4 may 1993
This NRA report gathers a variety of documents about the Po River Basin. The collection and the storage of data concerning climate, hydrology and water quality are an indispensable step of any rational activity aiming at water resources management and protection in a river basin. As regards the Po River Basin, numerous Bodies and Organisations, at various level of jurisdiction and with different aims, normally collect a conspicuous amount of data, using different criteria and methods that are not always one another comparable. The co-operation between the NRA and the Po River Authority shall be addressed to the development of criteria able to provide a Monitoring System, a very important component of which is the setting up of a general project of forecast and control measures. This will represent a reference point in defining the parameters to be measured, the localization of sampling sections and the frequency of analytical determinations, for the various Organisms acting on the area coordinated by the Po River Authority. The Po river basin measures about 70,000 km2, that is 23.6% of the entire Italian territory. About 16 million inhabitants live in the basin, distributed among 3,188 municipalities of which the most populous are Turin and Milan (respectively 1.4 and 2.2 million inhabitants). Water consumption for the total population is estimated at 2.5x109 m3 a year, which means 428 litres per capita a day. This estimate takes into account also water losses from drinking water pipelines, amounting to about 22%, with a 35% maximum peak in the oldest waterworks.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1993
Publication Place: [Bristol]
Subject Keywords: Aquatic environmentRiversWater quality measurementsInternational cooperationMonitoring techniquesStandards
Extent: n.p. [97]
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