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Title: INP-integrated North Sea programme 1991-1992 : partnership in North Sea research : contributions of research institutes to integrated North Sea programme 1991-1992
Author: J. Visser
Author: A. Bijlsma
Author: F. Colijn
Author: H.J. Lindeboom
Document Type: Monograph
Although the North Sea is one of the best researched sea areas In the world, many aspects of the functioning of the ecosystem are unknown. Apart from the fact that the North Sea is an extremely interesting research object, anthropogenic Influences by the surrouding, highly industrialized countries, are considered to be a serious threat to its ecosystem. Therefore, all countries bordering the North Sea have been and are carrying out extensive research programmes. Notwithstanding the international co-operation in many of these programmes and despite the co-operative efforts of international organisetions, many of these programmes run independently, and draw international attention only upon the appearance of the final publications. If now these programmes were better co-ordinated, the value of the results obtained from the collected data would Increase strongly. This report compiles the contributions of some Dutch and UR institutes: NIOZ, KWS/DGW, RWS/DNZ, PML, RGD and RNMI. The projects described are of a multidisciplinary character with many collaborating institutes from different countries.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1991
Publication Place: [Bristol]
Subject Keywords: Marine environmentWater qualityResearch projectsInternational cooperation
Extent: n.p. [62]
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