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Title: The effects of flow reduction in the River Dee on the aquatic environment
Author: National Rivers Authority Welsh Region
Document Type: Monograph
The River Dee supports a number of major abstractions from its lower reaches. In total these abstractions supply drinking water to 2 million people in Vales and England. To support these abstractions, the flow in the Dee is highly regulated by releases from three large reservoirs in the head-waters. The Dee is also industrialised in its lower reaches and effluents from such industries discharge into the River. The Dee is also one of the most important salmonid fisheries in Vales, supports a significant coarse fishery in its lower reaches, is the base for a thriving recreational boating interest and is also noted for its great beauty as it meanders from its source in North Vales down to the historic town of Chester. One possible solution to the problems of intermittent pollution from sources in the middle and lower Dee would be to pipe the water from a point above the industries. A suitable location would have to be situated in the Llangollen area. The suggestion that the water should be abstracted at Llangollen has been made by a number of bodies including local authorities whose areas are served by Dee water and the question has been examined in a general way on a number of occasions in the past. This note summarises the likely environmental impact of adopting this approach. This note addresses the general issues and not the detail that such a consultancy report would provide.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: [1990]
Publication Place: Cardiff
Subject Keywords: Water resourcesRiversWater abstractionWater levelsFlow rateAquatic environmentRiver fisheries
Geographic Keywords: Dee (Wales)Middle Dee catchment
Extent: 15
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