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Title: Audit surveys in the NRA Thames region : a report on the surveys carried out in 1992/93 to assess the retention and enhancement of wildlife habitats during routine dredging operations
Author: Angela M. Walker
Document Type: Monograph
Audit surveys are carried out in the Thames Region as a part of the routine monitoring of the working practices employed in maintenance dredging for flood defence and land drainage. These surveys are used to assess the impact of engineering works on the flora and fauna and study the success of techniques used to mitigate those impacts. They also serve to monitor the work of the conservation section, assess the advice given and the effectiveness of liaison. Audit surveys should aim to identify: a) the habitats and features which are routinely safeguarded and those which are more vulnerable; b) the types of enhancement which are carried out and those which are not; c) any differences between the approach in different areas; d) the success or otherwise of the river corridor survey and working map approach and how well the maps are understood; e) any other problems which affect the retention and enhancement of wildlife during routine dredging operations.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1993
Publication Place: Reading
Extent: 15; + appendices
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