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Title: Review of the findings of the prescribed flow at the Wallers Haven
Author: National Rivers Authority Southern Region
Document Type: Monograph
The purpose of this study was to review the prescribed flow setting and the catchment hydrology and water balance of the Wallers Haven and Pevensey Levels. South East Water abstract from the Wallers Haven at Hazards Green. The abstraction is controlled by a prescribed flow setting of 3.41 mega litres per day. This setting is required to ensure sufficient resources for the gravity feeds to the Pevensey Levels over the summer period, maintaining water levels in the ditches. The prescribed flow cannot be measured conventionally at Hazards Green and the licence states that the flow should be taken as the sum of the gauged flows for the four upstream catchments. South East Water actually apply factors to those flows in order to account for additional inflows to the Haven, downstream of the gauges. NRA data collected in the summers of 1989 and 1993 indicate that South East Water's approach over estimates the flow and reduces, in effect, the prescribed flow by between 1 and 3 mega litres per day. South East Water also operate six augmentation boreholes. The entire yield from three of these boreholes and 65 per cent of the yield from the other three, is also permitted to be removed from the Haven at Hazards Green. There is no evidence that the augmentation systems are efficient enough to justify this. In summary, it would appear that the prescribed flow in the Wallers Haven is not being adequately protected in the summer.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1995
Publication Place: Worthing
Subject Keywords: Catchment managementHydrologyFlow rateWater levelsWater industry
Geographic Keywords: Pevensey LevelsCuckmere and Pevensey Levels catchmentEast Sussex
Extent: 18; + figures and appendices
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