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Title: Sources and fates of synthetic organics in rivers : interim report
Author: I. Cousins
Author: C.D. Watts
Author: H.R. Rogers
Author: A.J. Dobbs
Document Type: Monograph
Data for the sampling survey carried out on 28 and 29 July 1992 are presented. Specific Red List determinand and broad spectrum GC MS techniques were used to provide additional information on the range and concentration of organic contaminants in the River Alt catchment. On the basis of the results from this survey and from routine monitoring carried out by the NRA, five priority contaminants are recommended for inclusion in the sources and fates study. Problems with the previously proposed experimental approach are highlighted and a revised approach involving the use of in situ mesocosms is described and recommended.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: PollutantsOrganic compoundsWater qualityEnvironmental monitoringRivers
Geographic Keywords: Alt Crossens catchmentAlt (Merseyside)Merseyside
Extent: 38
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