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Title: Status of rare fish : literature review (draft document)
Author: I.J. Winfield
Document Type: Monograph
The aim of this report is to review the extent of existing knowledge of whitefish ecology and genetic variability and of techniques for their artificial breeding and rearing. In addition, the Terms of Reference of the project also require that the review should also identify other species which may be endangered in Britain and could be the subject of future research. With respect to the latter objective, considerations of fish conservation are a relatively recent development and for a number of reasons lag behind most other areas of animal conservation. This is particularly true of the UK, with the result that the literature on rare British freshwater fishes per se is very restricted and is largely the product of the efforts of just one researcher, Peter Maitland. Thus, reviewing this field is relatively straightforward, with the major difficulty being the production of an objective rare species list for the present day. In contrast, the whitefish literature now amounts to at least hundreds and probably thousands of articles. However, the vast majority of these publications originate from continental Europe and North America, usually with fishery themes, and so their conclusions are not all directly applicable or relevant to the present review.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1991
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Literature studyNature conservationEndangered speciesFreshwater fishesFBALibraries
Geographic Keywords: United Kingdom
Extent: 70
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