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Title: NRA applications of remotely sensed data : prepared by National Remote Sensing Centre Limited in response to Order Number WRO15173
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: nra applications of remotely sensed data : prepared by national remote sensing centre limited in response to order number wro15173
This document has been produced to serve as both an introduction to the National Rivers Authority applications of remotely sensed data and a reference manual to consult as and when required. Use of remote sensing for environmental monitoring is growing rapidly because of its relative low cost compared to ground survey and the enormous potential for change detection. Potential for use of remotely sensed data within the NRA is great, with applications in every sector from Water Quality to Conservation. This report highlights a few applications some of which are actual projects being undertaken at present. The National Centre for Instrumentation and Marine Surveillance, South Western Region, is leading the take up of remote sensing in the NRA, with airborne surveys of the whole UK coast three times a year. In this report the general principles of remote sensing are considered in order to give the reader a basic understanding of the concepts involved. Sections two, three and four list spaceborne, airborne and planned future sensors respectively, the specifications of the data obtainable from each sensor is considered, in order that an informed decision can be made regarding data acquistion. Details of how catalogue searches for the imagery are made and an explanation of the search results are also given. An approximate cost of each data type is included, to serve as an indication only, actual data list prices can be obtained from the National Remote Sensing Centre as required. Section 5 considers the processing requirements of remotely sensed data in order to apply them to NRA applications, examples of which are examined in Section 6.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1995
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: Data collectionRemote sensorsBest practicesMonitoring techniquesEnvironmental monitoring
Extent: 163
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