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Title: Trent licensing policy review : executive summary report
Author: National Rivers Authority Severn-Trent Region
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: trent licensing policy review - executive summary report
WS Atkins were appointed by NRA ST in September 1991 to carry out a review of the policy for considering and granting licences to abstract water from the River Trent. This Executive Summary Report presents the main findings. Abstractors taking water from surface and groundwaters were first required to obtain a licence through the Water Resources Act of 1963. Those who had statutory powers or who could demonstrate that they had been abstracting water over the previous 5 years were automatically entitled to a licence to continue to do so indefinitely. These Licences of Right exert the first claim over any water available in the river, and the statutory authority, now the NRA, is obliged to ensure that no future licences may derogate from these and other licences subsequently granted. In addition, the NRA has a statutory duty to protect and, where possible, enhance the environment. One of the primary reasons for commissioning the study was the increasing interest being placed in the Trent as a potential source of public water supply. Indeed, during the course of the study a number of new proposals emerged, emphasising the important role that the Trent could play in the future. The increasing water resource interest in the river reflects the significant improvement in water quality that has occurred since the mid 1960s, and the continuing rise in per capita water consumption. However, any further abstraction must take account of the existing uses, particularly the power generation industry and navigation, and the importance of the Trent as a coarse fishery and recreational resource.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1992
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: Water abstractionWater abstraction licensesWater resourcesGroundwaterEffluentsNavigationRiversNature conservationFisheries
Geographic Keywords: Trent (England)StaffordshireStaffordshire Trent Valley catchmentSevern
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