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Title: River Management Guidelines (Operational Activities) Phase 1 - Scoping Study
Author: R W Hatton
Author: Environment Agency
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_485, Representation ID: 157, Object ID: 1824
This Report describes the findings from Phase 1 of a two-phased project aimed at producing national operational guidelines for river management which meet the needs of both engineering and conservation interests. The resulting output is to be called Operational Guidelines for River Management, referred to throughout this report as the Guidelines. Phase 1 was a scoping study to examine the feasibility of producing such Guidelines and to review source material. If found to be feasible, this is to be followed by compilation of the Guidelines in Phase 2. Key conclusions drawn from the scoping study were as follows: - Consultation highlighted the clear need for a national handbook setting out best practice. - The format of the Guidelines should comprise: an introductory section on general principles; operational guidance on a range of activities; appendices giving other sources of information and a checklist of enhancement work to consider. - Each of the operational activity sections shall be split into three sub-sections: rationale; model specification; and illustrated practical guidance. The format of the latter shall allow its use as stand-alone material which can be laminated to form weatherproof “cab-cards” for maintenance operatives to use on-site; - The operational activities included within the Guidelines shall be restricted to fluvial maintenance, including tidal reaches of rivers. - On the basis of existing guidance material, the production of the Guidelines is feasible. One area where considerable resources would appear to be necessary is the provision of good quality and consistent artwork, this being particularly important for the practical guidance sections of the Guidelines. - Area seminars should be the primary method for dissemination of the Guidelines. It is recommended that Phase 2 of the project proceed.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: RiversEstuariesEngineeringNature conservationBrackishwater environmentFreshwater ecology
Extent: 88
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