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Title: Environmental Quality Standards for Dissolved Oxygen
Author: M. J. Stiff
Author: N. Cartwright
Author: R.I. Crane
Author: Bristol National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_757, Representation ID: 251, Object ID: 2083
This report proposes environmental quality standards for dissolved cuygen (D3) f o r t h e prctecc ifzn o f the different uses of water. standards have been derived from Laboratory and The field data cn the effects of deficiencies of dicsoived csygen in aquatic organisms taking into account its environmental chemistry. The s tandards proposed sy other regulatorv and advisory agencies are included in the report fcr and reference. The standards proposed are given in Table 1 and the justification for the standards is provided in Section 4. Whereas the standards suggested for the different freshwater uses are based on a relatively large database, inadequate data are available for the deri vztion o f separate standards for the protection of estuarine life. -.,e current standard analytical methods for dissolved oxygen are aaeqlza -^ in terms of sense:lvity 2nd l i m i t s ,-f Setection fcr x.IniLorir,g ,vc ^^ ,..aFiiz.nce with t h e EQSs. -L. Report No PRS 2415-M, Apri! 1990 58 Paqes, 7 Tables, 3 Appendices Project reference: (i) CONTFtNTS Page SUMMARY SECTION 1 - C-1
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Environmental quality standard; Dissolved oxygen
Extent: 132
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