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Title: A Review of the Application of
Author: Enviros Consulting Ltd
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1100, Representation ID: 347, Object ID: 2368
i G L OSSARY v 1 I NTRODUCTION 1 1 .1 B ackground to t he proje c t 1 1.1.1 Project objectives 1 1.1.2 Project scope 2 1.1.3 Audience for this report 2 1 .2 C onsultatio n 2 1 .3 F urther wor k 3 2 B ACKG ROU N D T O B PM A N D T H E A GENC I ESa I N VO LVEM ENT 5 2 .1 B PM studie s b y operato r s and th eir a ssessment by t he A ge n cies 6 2.1.1 Nuclear licensed sites 6 2.1.2 Non-nuclear sites 8 F undamenta l a spects o f a B PM s t ud y 9 2.2.1 Lower cut-off 9 2.2.2 Proportionality requirements for site operators 9 2.2.3 Proportionality requirements for the Agencies 11 2.2.4 Justification of Practices 12 T he BPM study 12 2.3.1 Identifying BPM Options 12 2.3.2 Undertaking a BPM Study 13 2 .2 2 .3 3 P O LI C Y , L E GIS L ATI O N AN D GUI D A N C E R E LA TI N G T O B P M 14 3 .1 B PM i n t he c ontex t o f p r es ent-day environmen tal p olicies 14 3.1.1 BPM assessments 14 3.1.2 The UK National Discharge Strategy 15 3.1.3 As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) and As Low As Reasonably Practicable 16 (ALARP) 3.1.4 Draft Statutory Guidance on the Regulation of Discharges from Nuclear Sites 17 3 .2 18 3.2.1 BPM and BPEO 18 3.2.2 BPM and BAT 3 .3 R elated en vironmental p r otection c o ncepts in U K legisla t ion 19 T he role o f t he Agencies 20 3.3.1 The environment agenciesa view of BPM 21 3.3.2 BPM in authorisations granted under RSAa93 to nuclear licensed sites 22 3.3.3 BPM in registrations granted under RSAa93 to non-nuclear sites 23 viii SNIFFER UKRSRO5: BPM for the Management of Radioactive Waste March, 2005 3.3.4 BPM and its role in strategic waste management 4 25 A D VICE T O A GENCY STA F F 26 4 .1 T he application o f B PM t o differe n t t ypes o f s ite a nd process 26 4.1.1 Non-nuclear sites 27 4.1.2 Decommissioning nuclear licensed sites 28 4.1.3 BPM applied to new plant and existing plant 29 4.1.4 Fault situations 31 A ssessing how an opera t or complies with t he B PM condition s in t heir a uthorisatio ns or registr a tion 31 4.2.1 BPM for proposed new operations 32 4.2.2 Site operator BPM reviews 33 4.2.3 Agencies initiated BPM reviews 33 A ssessing an operatoras B PM s t udy a nd docume n tation 35 4.3.1 Purpose, scope and context of the operatoras BPM study 36 4.3.2 The range of options considered in the operatoras BPM study 37 4.3.3 The operatoras evaluation of impact 38 4.3.4 The operatoras comparison of options on the basis of environmental impact 40 4.3.5 The operatoras evaluation of costs 41 4.3.6 Assessing the operatoras application of proportionality and decision 41 4.3.7 Self monitoring and reporting by the operator 44 4 .4 T he assessment 44 4 .5 P rovid ing g eneral ad vic e t o t he ope rator 46 4.5.1 Advice on BPM methodology 46 4.5.2 Public record 46 4.5.3 Other benefits 46 4.5.4 Failure to comply with BPM 47 4 .2 4 .3 5 O U TS TA ND ING I S SUE S 48 5.1.1 Harmonisation of regulations 48 5.1.2 Health and safety of workers 48 5.1.3 Generic studies 49 6 T HE W A Y A HE A D 50 7 R E FERENC ES 51 A PPE ND IX I : O R IG INA L P RO J EC T A I MS AN D T ERMS O F R EFEREN C E 53 A PPE ND IX II: TH E CON S U L TATIO N P ROC ESS 58 A P P E N D I X I II : T H E C O NS UL TA TI ON Q U E S TI ON NA I R E S 66 A P P E NDI X I V : T H E HIST ORY OF B P M IN ENVI RONMENTAL L E GIS L ATI O N 71 ix SNIFFER UKRSRO5: BPM for the Management of Radioactive Waste March, 2005 A PPEND IX V: COND ITIO NS A ND L IM I TA TIONS I N A U THO R ISA T IONS AN D R E GISTRATIO NS x 74 SNIFFER UKRSRO5: BPM for the Management of Radioactive Waste 1
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: Radioactivity; Environmental protection; Best practicable means; Radioactivity; Environmental legislation
Extent: 88
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