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Title: WP1 Report on Potential Phytoplankton Pressure Sensitive Metrics
Author: L. Carvalho
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: Environment Agency Project ID:EAPRJOUT_1349, Representation ID: 452, Object ID: 2523
The Environment Agency and The Environment Agency and Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum For Environmental Research (SNIFFER) have commissioned this R and D project to develop a method to classify the ecological status of lakes on the basis of phytoplankton. As part of this assessment, metrics need to be developed for phytoplankton community composition. The objectives of the research were to develop a robust classification, incorporating: 1. Prediction of reference scores for UK lakes based on phytoplankton composition 2. Developing criteria for defining the good/moderate boundary 3. Classifying the ecological status of a water body in to one of five status classes (High/Good/Moderate/Poor/Bad), based on the calculation of an Ecological Quality Ratio (EQR). An EQR being calculated from the relationship between current observed and reference phytoplankton community composition for a site 4. Determining uncertainty associated with the classification result, based on statistical confidence or probability of class This report provides an initial review of potential metrics available for assessing the ecological status of lakes using phytoplankton. Additionally, it outlines the data availability at the time of the start of the project. Guidance on sample collection and phytoplankton counting is also documented.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Subject Keywords: LakesClassification systemsPhytoplanktonMethodologyFreshwater ecology
Extent: 29
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