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Title: Chironomids as indicators of biological quality : present use and future potential : a report of a workshop held at the Environment Agency, Thames Region
Author: Environment Agency Thames Region
Document Type: Monograph
This report describes research on chironomid ecology in relation to environmental quality assessment that was being undertaken by most of the principal workers in this field in Britain. It is the result of a workshop held on the 18 July 1995 at the Environment Agency, Thames Region. The areas covered in the workshop included: acute lethal and chronic sub-lethal toxicity test methods; the use of morphological deformities as a sub-lethal indicator of sediment quality; the use of chironomid pupal exuviae as a means of using chironomid assemblages for assessing water and sediment quality. As well as describing individual research projects that were being undertaken, the report includes a summary of the discussion held at the workshop. This was on the ways in which the various approaches could be linked to provide an assessment of sediment quality based on all levels of organisation, from community to individual organism. The information presented in the workshop has been used to map a programme of work to develop a biological index of sediment contamination as part of an integrated approach to freshwater sediment quality assessment.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1995
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: MethodologyClassification systemsRiversWater qualityEnvironmental qualityIndicator organismsToxicologySediment pollutionSurvey methodsCanals
Geographic Keywords: Erewash (river)Lostock (Lancashire)Trent (England)Grand Union Canal
Extent: 38
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