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Title: Environmental assessment of selected abandoned minewaters in the North East region
Author: Environment Agency North East Region
Document Type: Monograph
The deleterious impact of abandoned minewater discharges on watercourses within the Durham and Yorkshire coalfields has been recognised, and to a large degree tolerated, for many decades. Many discharges are associated with mines which were abandoned before the industry was nationalised. The extent of the problem has never been properly quantified. Previous work has primarily been on a site specific basis such as at Bullhouse and Sheephouse minewater discharges. However, there is very little information relating to the issue on a national or regional basis. Further to the Memorandum of Understanding between the NRA and the Coal Authority (1995), the Coal Authority are addressing the issue of abandoned minewater discharges and are currently exploring the possibility of obtaining funding for minewater remediation schemes. This report is intended both to assist with the Coal Authority's bid for funds and also to aid in the prioritisation of resources. This report details the procedures, results and conclusions of a project undertaken by the NRA Northumbria and Yorkshire Region to assess the environmental impacts of 19 minewaters considered to be amongst the most damaging in the region. The impact assessment was based on both physicochemical and biological parameters. The strategy used to rank the minewaters is based largely upon the methodology designed by the NRA Welsh Region in 1994, as this approach proved relatively successful. Also this ensures consistency in the methods used by different regions of the NRA and will allow comparison of results on a national basis.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Subject Keywords: Environmental impact assessmentMine spoilMiningIndustrial pollutionWater qualitypHDissolved oxygenAluminiumBiological monitoring
Geographic Keywords: Durham (county)Aire and Calder catchmentDon and Rother catchmentSouth Yorkshire
Extent: 54
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