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Title: Eutrophication control via nutrient reduction in rivers : literature review
Author: B.A. Whitton
Author: M.G. Kelly
Document Type: Monograph
The aim of this document is to provide a review of literature and current research in eutrophication control and nutrient reduction in rivers. The following topics are considered: Monitoring the sources, levels, movement, availability and forms of nutrients in water; Modelling and monitoring of nutrient movement from land to water; Assessing the extent and impact of other (non-point and small point) sources of nutrients; Consideration of flow, nutrient load and nutrient concentration data accuracy and relevance; General river eutrophication studies; Movement of nutrients through the food web; Biological monitoring programmes and interaction between biota and nutrients; Techniques and technology employed to reduce nutrient levels in sewage effluent. A overview is presented of the literature on nutrients and rivers, with the emphasis on information useful in the UK on eutrophication control via reduction in nutrients. It is recommended that catchments should each have their own eutrophication management plan and that this should focus on diffuse and small point sources as well as the major point sources.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 1998
Publication Place: Peterborough
Subject Keywords: EutrophicationRiversNutrient managementNutrientsLiterature studySewageRunoffLand useAgricultural wastesNitrogenPhosphorusNutrient cycling in ecosystemsBiological monitoringBenthos
Extent: 80
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